Laufwunder ® Footcare Preparations

Laufwunder Leaflet 2013  (click to download pdf)

Specialist cream : Sensitive Balm for sufferers of Excema & Psoriasis (click to download pdf)

Sensitive Balm Press Release

A combination of natural essential oils and natural fats ensure that you have an effective range of footcare preparations to maintain your feet and legs in 'tip top' condition. Combined with regular visits to your chiropodist, applying the products on a daily basis, means that you can help to regulate any skin imbalance from very dry skin, to poor circulation to excessive perspiration.

See the additional pages for Moisturising, Cooling & Warming ranges.  See below for Salu and Handcream

SALU CUTICLE & SKIN SOFTNER (Code No.372)  A gentle product for softening cuticles and skin around the nail.  Ideal as a  pre- treatment, softening tissue before cutting nails, especially in-growing nails. Special formula with alkali does not oxidise and removes the need for neutralising application.

HANDCREAM Handwunder® (Code No. 700) A unique hand cream with plant extracts and vitamins A&E. It is quickly absorbed with out the greasy residues. It makes the skin smooth, and supple. Its formula, designed for demanding hands, provides long lasting protection from the environment.

In addition Mykored will help to fight not only nail but skin infections too - ask your chiropodist for details.

It is not recommended that any of the products be used on babies or small children. All packaging is clearly marked with its ingredients for your reference.

Why not take the strain from your feet and let Laufwunder preparations give you a better day !