Laufwunder Cooling Footbalm 75 ml (Code No.110)
A Cooling Footbalm totally absorbed by the skin helps to reduce excessive perspiration and effectively deodorises as well as strengthening your skin. The skin cooling effect from menthol and herbal extracts immediately reduces burning and itching. Provides quick relief to overtired and aching feet.

Laufwunder Footspray 125 ml (Code No.150)
The 'star' of all foot sprays. This product has become so well known due to its outstanding effectiveness on excessive perspiration and burning feet. Laufwunder Footspray (pump action - no propellant gas) effectively deodorises, refreshes and helps to prevent unpleasant odours. The active ingredients and natural substances from camphor and menthol have a cooling and refreshing effect on tired and overworked feet. Used regularly you are assured of better hygiene and reduced perspiration.

Laufwunder Herbal Bath Salts 250 g (Code No.130)
Foot hygiene starts with a footbath. Laufwunder Herbal Bath Salts are made from pure salt crystals which contain effective cleansing properties combined with herbal extracts. Tired burning and aching feet feel refreshed and excessive perspiration is reduced. Hard skin is softened and easier to remove. Afterwards the application of one of the appropriate foot balms is recommended