Fine German steel from Solingen, made in Solingen

A small and extremely high quality range of instruments.  Very sharp with a smooth cutting action.  Truly professional instruments!


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NIPPER RANGE (Stainless steel)

5201.1     Ingowing Nail nipper (sturdy, double spring)                    10 cm

5201.2     Ingowing Nail nipper (super slim, double spring)            10 cm

5201.4     Ingrowing Nail nipper (sturdy, double spring)                   11.5 cm

5201.5     Ingrowing Nail nipper (slim, double spring)                      11.5 cm

5201.6     Ingrowing Nail nipper (pointed, double spring)                11.5 cm

5201.7     Ingrowing Nail nipper (super slim, double spring)          11.5 cm

5201.9     Ingrowing Nail nipper (sturdy, double spring)                   13 cm

5201. 10  Ingrowing Nail nipper (slim, double spring)                     13 cm

5201. 14  Ingrowing Nail nipper (super slim, double spring)         13 cm

5201. 17* Onycho soft Nail nipper straight, double spring              11.5 cm  (designed with the diabetic foot in mind)

5201. 19* DIA-SOFT Head Cutter 14mm head                                  12cm  (traditional European forward cutting head/blade)

5152.1     General purpose sturdy curved nipper (double spring)  13 cm

5152.2     General purpose sturdy straight nipper (double spring) 13 cm

5152.6     Nail nipper (curved, double spring)                                     13 cm

5152.G    Nail nipper (curved,double spring)                                       11.5 cm

5152.3     General purpose sturdy, curved nipper (double spring)  14 cm

5152.4     General purpose sturdy, straight nipper (double spring) 14 cm

5152.5    Cantilever curved, barrel spring 16cm (handle clip)             16 cm

5152.9    Cantilever straight, double spring 14cm pointed               14 cm

.5152.10 Cantilever straight, double spring 16cm pointed               16 cm

5020.32  Double ended probe

5020.33  Double ended file