Fed up with rough, dry and cracked skin?
Areas of excessive hard skin are not only an aesthetical problem but often a functional problem too.
Laufwunders’ new Callus Reduction Cream helps to reduce callus and is very skin compatible.
A 3 week dermatological usage test with sonographic callus thickness evaluation showed conclusive results


CALLUS REDUCTION CREAM  (Code No.118)                           HYDROBALM  (Code No.117)
• Reduces callus by up to 50% (avg 30%);                                 • Increases skin moisture by more than 24%;
• Cares for the skin with Willow Bark extract;                              • With 10% urea;                           
• Works quickly and reliably;                                                           • Clear improvement in the skin structure;
• Contains salicylic acid and allantoin;                                        •  With regular use dry skin areas are rehydrated and regenerated

• For soft smooth skin.                                                                    • Good skin compatibility.