Laufwunder Moisturising Footbalm 75 ml (Code No.112)
A Moisturising Footbalm with extracts from camomile, witch hazel and effective moisturising ingredients brings relief to dry and rough skin. Used daily elasticity is returned and your skin feels smooth and soft again.

Laufwunder Leg Balm 75 ml (Code No.120)
With placenta extract and vitamins A & E which help your skin to breathe and improve skin regeneration leaving it smooth and supple. With daily use Laufwunder Leg Balm will help to prevent premature ageing, skin blemishes and discoloration.

Laufwunder Cream Bath 200 ml (Code No.140)
For overworked, tired and burning feet. Laufwunder Cream Bath is refreshing and invigorating. Softens hard skin and corns. Contains essential oils from rosemary and horse chestnut which penetrate your skin thereby moisturising and helping to prevent dehydration.

Laufwunder Leg Lotion 150 ml (Code No.121)
The optimum care for legs with collagen. Laufwunder Leg Lotion helps control the moisture content of the skin and reduces moisture loss. Leaves your skin with a visible smoothness and pleasant fragrance.

Laufwunder Callus Salve 75 ml (Code No.240)
This is a special salve for the application on rough, dry and cracked skin. Elasticity is returned to hard skin, enabling fissures to heal more quickly. Dry skin becomes smooth and, if used regularly, problem free walking returns.